what we do

the adguys recruits only for advertising agencies and, more specifically, only on the account and media sides of the business. other search firms attempt to be all things to all people. that means they are recruiting lion tamers, air traffic controllers, and organ grinders at the same time they are trying to find you a good account director for your most important client!!

we choose a different approach here at the adguys. to us, focus means efficiency.  our private database is filled with thousands of people who are advertising focused, and who can be contacted at a moment’s notice. (so if you need a tightrope walker, call the other guys!)

how we find the people you want to hire

well, if we told you everything, we would have to send angelo “boom boom” donati and alphonse “cement shoes” camarillo after you. and that is never pretty.

but we can say this much: we use a number of different sourcing methods, including networking, direct recruiting, cold calling, internet canvassing, and most importantly our very own database.